So this came to me as a surprise.

It popped up on my girlfriend’s Reading the World Challenge and the second I saw the tittle I thought to myself “By God I shall read that book and this book shall be read by me!”. So here we are now.

This novel tells the story of a few obnoxiously wealthy families (not to say crazy rich, got it?!, GOT IT?! HA!) that are coming to Singapore for the chicest spectacle of the season which happened to be a wedding connecting two great Singaporean families. Despite the fact that several characters are closely followed, the two most important (and most likeable) ones are the best man Nick Young and his American-Chinese girlfriend Rachel Chu. Out of all these horrible snobs, Nicky seems to be the purest and the most honest; he does not abuse his wealth and doesn’t care about his status either; he just wants to attend his best friend’s wedding with the girl he loves. Rachel on the other hand is the one character that the majority of us can relate to the most; a simple girl from a poor family, that gained everything she has through hard work and she is completely oblivious what she is getting into. Other characters include Nick’s mother – terrified, by a possibility of misalliance; Nick’s cousin Astrid who is having problems in her marriage and few other disgustingly snobbish people.


This colourful ensemble of characters takes us on thrill ride full of drama, great laughs, heartfelt moments and absurdity. The world presented is so bizarre and full of itself, I felt like I was reading a report from an interstellar expedition. Usually I am not fond of romances but I need to admit; I do not remember the last time I have been so stressed out while reading a book. I just wanted Nicky and Rachel to persevere and get together so much! 

I am also a sucker for absurd, so when I read a sentence like:

“Whale vomit from New Zealand. Works miracles on your face,” Jacqueline shot back in dead seriousness.

You can be sure that a book has reserved a warm spot in my heart.

An often accusation against this book are shallow characters. It is true, majority of this story’s cast are extremely shallow and hypocritical people, so I am completely fine with that. They play their little schemes just too damn well! Although Nicky and Rachel might have used some more depth than we are good guys and we are in love! 

Overall surprisingly enjoyable read! I highly recommend it.


Four out of five London Tipton’s.