So are you telling me that there is a comic book by Matt Fraction who’s Hawkeye is one of my favorite comic books EVER and Chip Zdarsky who’s Howard the Duck made me laugh myself to tears and it is about people who use their time-stopping orgasms to rob banks? Can you give me a moment…?


I was extremely hyped going to this book; and usually great anticipation is followed with great disappointment. I am gladly informing you all that is is not true this time. 

There is more to the story than just the sex and the banks (as if more is necessary, pff!). The couple of main heroes Suzie and Jon are full bodied characters with history, traumas and motivations. I took a fancy to them from the start. The development of their relationship seems rushed at times but taking under the consideration the unusual aspects of their biology and their backstories it makes perfect sense. The supporting cast with Rachel and Kegelface  is just as good.

I am not entirely sure about the Sex Police thing though. I expected something like that too happen, and really hoped to avoid it. The intrigue still thickens so I am not going to judge too harshly yet. Any crime fighting organization with a sex theme that has someone called Kegelface in it deserves a second chance.


The art in here is great. The colors are vibrant and designs of characters bit cartoonish yet aesthetic. The expressions are loud and clear and add in to the light hearted tone of the story. The backgrounds are very detailed and cluttered with small jokes. I have been browsing back through the issues to search for tiny details I have missed (the sex store!).The attention to panels is really impressive when you pay attention to it; all the silhouettes, panels that are out of focus or cut. Very original and fun to look at.  The moments when the time stops are covered with watercolor-ish filter, no wonder Suzie and Jon want to have sex all the time if it makes the world look like that!


Most importantly, the book is very, very funny and with all kinds of humour! Yes there is a lot of sex and dick jokes (yes, dick jokes are a totally different  category of jokes), but at other times it would approach something that I was thinking at that moment or even be Monty Python-ish! Even the parts of the comic books that I usually skip and do not pay special attention to like the fan-mail, the summary or even the last page are filled with jokes. I laughed a lot. And just like at any great comedy there is a quality drama to counter balance it out. The cliff-hanger at the end of the volume just made me desire more.


I realised that I did not add any image with Jon so there you go!


This book. This fucking book.


Four out of five Sexual Gary’s.