Finally back online!

“White Rose” is the last part of the Chronicles of Black Company first story arc. And damn me but still one week after finishing it I am not sure if I liked it or not. 

Story-wise we are presented with an interesting in narrative as for the first half of the book three different storylines: Croaker and the gang trying to lead new White Rose Rebellion, story of Bomanz trying to communicate with the Lady way back in the past, and mysterious Corbie’s quest to follow Bomanz’s footsteps. The lore of the world is greatly improved with descriptions of new exotic places, unraveling crucial events from the past and introducing couple new characters and plenty of interesting creatures and magic. Descriptions of the flora and fauna in the Plain of Fear is fascinating and I would love to read more about that.

It is definitely a more female driven story compared to the previous two as the Lady and Darling finally have plenty to say and to do. They also interact with more characters than just Croaker and Raven. Finally these pivotal characters are actually interesting and they are more than just cardboard archetypes.

So all should be good right? Not really.

Once again story telling is convoluted and jumps from point to point just like in the first book. Certain things and characters are not explained and dramatic reveals have no effect on the Black Company’s members. I had to check Wikipedia to see what the hell happened with Tracker and Toadkiller Dog. And for the love of God, the names! I understand that real names have magical power so nobody uses them but why do all characters adopt random nouns as their codenames? Case. Blister. The aforementioned Toadkiller Dog. So annoying. Bomanz was a nice exception from that rule but his character was completely wasted by the end of the book. The book about magical rebellion against evil empire, which tells the story about people reading letters.

I think I am done with Black Company.


Two out of five letters.