I have a sweet spot for Star Wars and I love Shakespeare’s work, so when I found out about the existence of this book I knew I have to read it. Initially I was afraid that it will come out cheesy and forced, but let me tell you from the start; the Force is strong in this one!

Doescher’s writing does not imitate this of Shakespeare, it becomes it. The entire package was delivered. Battle banter, snarky smart-asses that no-one listens to, dramatic soliloquies, bite my thumb, lend me your ears an all the other goods. I was fully convinced that Shakespeare could write it if he was besties with quantum leaped George Lucas.

Luke, Leia, Han and the rest of the gang came out great. The Elizabethan take on them and their overacting is true to their characters and lets them shine. More than that, the book is true to its cinematic source material and all the aliens speak in their alien tongues (the way this issue was dealt with in case of R2-D2 was pretty clever) .

An experiment like that could be very easily extremely tiresome, yet it is not case here. Every page is soaked in nerdy fun. Except for the last act. Unfortunately the way this story ends, the attack of rebel pilots on the Death Star, immobilizes all central characters in their vehicles and adds plenty of generic redshirts. The writing is still solid yet extremely boring without the lasers and explosions.

If you like Shakespeare you need to have this book.


Four out of five Stormtroopers of His Majesty the Emperor of the Galaxy.