A huge shared comic universes like those of Marvel and DC  give a unique feeling of being part of something greater. The crossovers and guest appearances of other characters are always a lot of fun. Unfortunately it also limits the creative freedom of the artists. You can’t get too quirky or experimental with flagship characters, too much relies on them. Of course every now and then we get our Hydra Cap and Superior Spider-Man, but at the core they are still classical super hero stories. That is why I love it so much when lesser characters are given a more independent spin.

The Vision is not a super hero story, it just happens to have some super hero characters in it. It follows the quiet suburban life of Vision and his family, which he made himself. Or at least their attempt at a quiet suburban life. Vision tries to become more human that is why he creates himself a wife with 2 children and moves to the suburbs; after all there is nothing that screams normal louder that a classical atomic family.


Being a witness to this transition is truly fascinating and terrifying. Vision himself is rehearsed when it comes to dealing with humans, but his family isn’t. Their attempt at normality faces many speed bumps in form of suspicious neighbors, mean classmates and terrified parents. The Visions deal with all these obstacles the only way the artificial intelligence knows how to: as logical as possible. They are just learning emotions and feelings, what it means to be human and to be ordinary.


The atmosphere of this story is amazing. The suburbs seems creepy and claustrophobic, the Visions are so foreign despite fulfilling all the requirements of being typical. A dark narrator foreshadows the tragedies held by the future as it presents the growing division between the Visions and the rest of their society as well as between various family members. The charade of their lives becomes thinner and thinner with each new lie and secret.


The Vision is truly unique mixture of the creepiness of suburban slashers with deconstruction of a family similar to American Beauty, questions about humanity classical to the AI stories and a pinch of super hero. It is as good as everyone says. Go get it now.


Five out of five Lester’s dreams.