Now this was a surprise!

Bryan Lee O’Malley stole my heart (and contents of my wallet) with Scott Pilgrim series, so I wasn’t going to walk past his new Image series indifferently.

Meet Lottie Person; she is young, chic, popular fashion blogger living in LA. She also suffers from really bad allergies. Also, she is a horrible human being. The entire story and the world of fashion bloggers shown in here consists of enhanced stereotypes about fashionistas and millenials. It reminds me of both Scott Pilgrim series and Batgirl by Stewart/Fletcher/Tarr; two series that understood and were not ashamed of young people and the new wave of culture connected to the social media (ok, that last part is just Batgirl). Snotgirl has the same awareness, but it shows us the worst there is to this culture and then exaggerates it. And let me tell you, it is beautiful!


Almost all characters here are awful. They are vain , self-obsessed and out of touch with reality and Lottie is the queen of them all. Thanks to her high self it is so much fun to sit inside her head . Rarely does she doubt her own awesomeness and even when it happens, it passes after couple seconds. I would hate to meet her in person, but I love to read about her!

Let’s talk about the real star of this book: Leslie Hung. The artwork is gorgeous. All the characters have slightly manga-esque features, which makes them very dynamic and expressional. Just as I expected from a book about fashion bloggers, the outfits look beautiful as well. Some are inventive in their absurdity while others actually look good; all depending on a character wearing them. I need to mention how Hung seamlessly moves form the chic and glamorous world of high fashion to gross reality of Lottie’s allergies with all the snot, sweat, tears and blood. Also all the little quirks like hashtags, colorful speech bubbles and censored curse words add a lot of character to the book.



Kudos to Mickey Quinn for his color work on this book. The bright pastels set the mood for the entire story and look very pretty. The green hair and snot of Lottie really pop-out! The fluid saturation of colors depending on a seriousness of depicted situation is a nice touch.

Unfortunately this book does not hold up story wise, as there is very little of actual story. There are two main threads; Lottie’s boyfriend’s new girlfriend, whom Lottie believes is stalking her and a possible murder of Lottie’s new BFF aka Caroline aka Coolgirl. The fact that Lottie is not a reliable narrator and that her new allergy medicine seems to have some psychotic side-effects add to the mystery and to the fun, yet the way the story is spread is to thin and uneven.

Also every now and then, some characters suffer from not having a nose which annoys the hell out of me.




Four out of five fashion police squads.

Fashion Police - Season: 2012Fashion Police - Season: 2012Fashion Police - Season: 2012Fashion Police - Season: 2012