Sadly, this is a conclusion of Gillen’s and McKelvie’s stellar run on Young Avengers. Our adolescent heroes finally confront the Mother and establish themselves as more than mere legacy characters in a metaphorical and literal battle of the generations. Despite the straightforward nature of this book there are still plenty of fun twists that keep it even more entertaining.  Interestingly, the main conflict gets wrapped up within the first three issues of this volume. The remaining pages are dedicated to the celebration of of our heroes. Literally, they just throw a New Year’s party where we can see them have fun and where all the loose end get tied up and some more things get foreshadowed.

Unfortunately the artists have changed for the majority of the party, which is a major bummer; it would be a blast to see it drawn by McKelvie. Other than that, this volume has some of the best artwork in the entire series, but it has to be seen in the context of the story for the best effect, so I decided not to spoil it in here .

This run deserves all the praise it receives. It is the teenage superhero book for this generation of teens. It most definitely is style over substance, but hey; they warned about it at the very beginning and it doesn’t change the fact that it made me want to be a teenager again.

Oh, and that America’s one-liner at the end? An instant classic.



Four out of five superhero parties.